The sun has powered the earth for billions of years and we’re transforming that to run our 21st century conveniences. Technology is now delivering the dream – solar energy costs that compete with traditional forms of power generation and energy storage technology that allows you to consume solar energy at anytime


This is the most attractive investment on offer, ultra low risk and tax free! Revenue, essentially from the sun should be a part of every household’s investment portfolio.


The Green Way Solar consultants and experts will undertake a comprehensive survey to fully understand your needs. We believe the convergence of technology, the economy and policy continues to offer lucrative revenue generating and cost saving opportunities to all property owners.


We demystify the jargon, make sure you understand the ins and outs of your project and we quantify exactly where and how your investment puts money back in your pocket. If our solution doesn’t sell itself, you shouldn’t buy it!


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The Green Way Directors

Danny Hirst

Danny Hirst

Danny is a family orientated tradesman, with design, specification, installation and project management experience within energy saving industries. He has worked in the UK and Australia building significant Project Management and Customer Service skills. Danny has a passion for renewable resources and the legacy that we leave for future generations. His vision is that renewable energy sources will be available to all and through educating our children we will protect our future energy supplies and our environment.

Richard Douglas

Richard, a versatile businessman with broad exposure, he has worked in many parts of Africa, the UK, Ireland and the USA.  He’s an out of the box thinker and is passionate about the environment in every way. His dream is to deliver competitive energy generation solutions to households and communities, this feeds his desire to see quality of life and living standards improved across all geographies and societies.  His project management background, accounting and finance training and global exposure contribute to The Green Way’s best in class offering. Richard provides the financial smarts that separate The Green Way from its competitors. His exacting standards, attention to detail and dedication to service excellence will result in an unsurpassed customer experience.

Richard Douglas


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