The extended two bedroom bungalow has a southerly garden with the main roofs facing East and West and a smaller roof above the extension to the South. The East facing roof although the largest, had a chimney and neighbouring property causing shadow across the front halve of the roof.


The bespoke solution designed for their situation comprised 2kWp solar PV to the East, 1kWp to the West and 1kWp South. This provides energy throughout the day and optimises their own consumption of the energy they conveniently generate from their roof.  This was complemented with an immersion controller to reduce the dependency and cost of burning oil to heat water. The solution also improved the property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by two grades.


The first year savings and income



Electricity Bill Reduction



Oil Reduction




“The system will pay for itself in around seven years leaving us with no energy poverty worries and a tax free income throughout our retirement” ….Cath, Upwell, Cambridgeshire.



£ 177.38

£ 520.56

£  86.34

£   62.00


£ 846.28

 kWh (energy)






4690kWh of energy saved.








Upwell, Cambridgeshire

4kwp and immersion controller.


Cath and Fred relocated to the sleepy village of Upwell on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border in preparation for retirement. With limited means the emphasis was to reduce expenditure and protect themselves from future costs wherever possible. Rising electricity costs and a reliance on oil for heating due to the rural location meant exposure to volatile and usually rising costs of energy. They decided to take control of their own energy and to lock in savings and a reliable return from an investment in solar PV.



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Luton, Bedfordshire

4kwp Energy and Storage Solution


Liam is an innovator and has bought into the principle of storing renewable energy to optimise his family’s own consumption. He is also excited to have a risk free investment generating tax free returns.


When Liam moved his family into their new 4 bedroom detached home in one of Luton’s surrounding villages the increase in space resulted in an increase in energy costs. Liam explored the option of installing solar PV to limit the additional costs and to do his bit for the environment. During daylight

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hours with the family at work or school the energy use was minimal but spiked at night time with the use of lighting and home appliances.


The house has a tiled gable roof with North and South elevations and a West facing lower level tiled roof with two roof windows installed.  The Southern elevation of the main roof has a chimney though it and the lower half of the roof receives shadow from the neighbouring property.


The tailored design for this situation required installing 285wp panels resulting in 2.28kWp solar PV to the South and 1.71kWp to the lower West extension between the windows, providing energy in the evening when the family are home, again, increasing the family’s consumption of their own home grown clean energy.  The solution was optimised through a hybrid energy storage system utilising Lithium Ion batteries, surplus energy generated during the day is stored and used over night.  We advised Liam to replace his halogen lamps for low energy LED’s and we installed timer light switches in the entrance hall, hallways and bathrooms.


The first year savings and income



Electricity Bill Reduction



LED Lights




*Liam changed 20 x 45w halogen lamps for 4w equivalent LED lamps and uses his lights for an average of 3 hours/day throughout the year.


£ 473.28

£ 489.31

£  88.60

£ 127.49



 kWh (energy)






4540kWh of energy saved.







After placing the order Danny managed the UKPN approval process and PV layout with electrical information to enable us to design and construct the pergola.


The installation was completed and successfully operating in two days generating our own electricity and taking us the next step down our road to becoming carbon neutral.


Throughout the process The Green Way Solar team were a pleasure to work with , communications were excellent and each stage explained in detail with a clear payment structure.


At completion a full pack of documentation was provided with the MCS certificates required for the solar PV government FIT payment applications.


We would have no hesitation in recommending The Green Way Solar for future PV projects.






4kwp and immersion controller.


We approached The Green Way Solar in early summer 2018 to look at the feasibility of a solar array mounted on a pergola in the garden of our self build eco home.


Danny carried out a site survey and was very proactive in developing our ideas with technical and practical advice. He provided detailed and helpful information so that we could work together to refine our requirements and provided a competitive quote that offered best value and suited our needs.



Domestic, case study, home, expense, cost, electricity, energy, solar


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