The Green Way Solar are a Milton Keynes Solar PV Installer, with experienced tradespeople installing solutions for new-build, self-build, domestic, commercial and social customers in Herts Beds and Bucks. We can install a series of solar panels that allow you to capture the energy, convert it into electricity for use around the property or store it in batteries, all saving money on your utility bills.


Solar Photovoltaics, or Solar PV for short, captures light energy and converts it into electricity, which you often see on roofs of residential and commercial properties. With some additional components installed the surplus energy can also be used to heat your hot water system.


The Green Way Solar is MCS Accredited which means we can install a Solar PV System with all the documentation needed for you to apply for the Feed In Tariff (FIT). The Feed In Tariff has been set up as an incentive for homeowners to invest in microgeneration technologies and allows you to earn quarterly tax-free monthly payments over 20 years just for generating electricity.



How Does a Solar PV System Work?


The solar panels use some silicon cells (usually 60) to collect daylight energy and convert it into electricity. The inverter will then transfer this newly generated energy into an AC electricity ready for use within the home.

The amount of electric that you are producing is recorded on a generation meter before being distributed to power your lights, appliances and more when required. Any electricity you don't use, or store will flow through to the Grid. Currently, there is an export tariff which assumes that homeowners will use half of their generated energy and so pays them for the half presumed to be exported.

The personal benefits of a Solar PV array are maximised by using the electricity generated during peak hours (typically 10 am to 4 pm). If you're not home during the day why not install an energy storage solution, such as an immersion controller to heat your hot water or a battery storage solution allowing you to use the free electricity into the evening?



Solar PV Pays


The feed-in tariff (FIT)

Our government pays us for every unit of electricity we generate. NOTE: every unit! A generation meter measures and every kWh you produce you get paid for – your energy company will send you a cheque or deduct the amount from your bill. If you use that unit of electricity and therefore don't buy it from your utility company, you essentially get that electricity for free. Solar PV savings are calculated by adding the revenue received from generating electricity on the roof plus the deemed export tariff plus the electricity that you didn't have to buy from the grid.


The Green Way Solar Limited work from our base in Milton Keynes and cover an area including Northampton, St Neots, Luton, Bedford, Harpenden, Hemel Hempstead, Flitwick, Ampthill,  Welwyn Garden City, St Albans, Chesham, Aylesbury, Buckingham and Towcester. This small area allows us to ensure that all of our customers receive the very best levels of service and after service.



What do Green Way Solar Solutions cost?


During our initial discussions and meeting with you, we will work with you to ascertain the type of solution that is best for you, however here are some indicative costs of our 4kWp package prices. * These prices exclude scaffolding.


from £4 650.00*


from £5 995.00*


from £6 565.00*


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