Ecocent domestic hot water units are all highly efficient, stylish and flexible.

  • Up to 320% Efficient
  • Available with remote control App for iOS and Android
  • Compatible with Solar Thermal Systems
  • Innovative condenser

At The Green Way, we pride ourselves on our sourcing quality products, concentrating on customer feedback when sourcing new products to meet future sustainability needs.

Ecocent, water heater, domestic, heat pump, installers
Ecocent, water heater, domestic, heat pump, installers
Ecocent, water heater, domestic, heat pump, installers
Ecocent, water heater, domestic, heat pump, installers
Ecocent, water heater, domestic, heat pump, installers

The Green Way’s range of Ecocents offers various configurations, storage volumes, and heat pump characteristics ensuring that we have a system to meet your needs.




Waste heat is recovered and directed into the Ecocent.


Domestic Hot Water is heated efficiently using the recovered heat before supplying the kitchen, baths and showers etc.


The cool exhaust air can be ducted outside or used to cool areas of high solar gain or

larders etc.

Our Ecocent systems are designed to meet your total Domestic Hot Water demand. In the this illustration, the Ecocent system is located in the garage with the supply air drawn from the bathrooms and kitchen and expelling the cooler exhaust air into the garage.

how heat pumps work, domestic, ecocent, water heater, heat pump






Programmable Modes

Ecocent units have a variety of modes that you can

select to meet your needs including an  ‘energy boost'

 and a setting to restart the unit again after your holiday.

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Micro-channel Heat Exchangers Greatly  Improve Units Performance

Micro-channel heat exchangers greatly enlarge the available contact area between the inner tank and the heat exchanger thus enhancing the Insulation performance of Heat Pump Water Heaters.


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Water Temperature

For most domestic applications, hot water is stored at 55°C.  However, the Ecocent can be set to a recommended maximum of 60°C  if required.

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Tranquil Flow Technology

The use of tranquil flow technology ensures stable water temperatures by reducing convection thereby actually increasing the stored water capacity.

Ecocent, tranquil flow technology, hot water, convection, heat pump

Without Tranquil Flow Technology

Cold water flows into the tank and mixes with hot water, instantly cooling the existing hot water


Ecocent, tranquil flow technology, hot water, convection, heat pump

With Tranquil Flow Technology

The cold water supply is carefully dispersed to reduce the thermal impact on the stored hot water.




Monitoring your Ecocent

Ecocent, water heater, heat pump

Ecocent data is sent to a cloud server

Server, value, cloud server

Delivering valuable services to units and end users

Data information is received from cloud server

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You can see your Ecocents real-time information via your smartphone by adding a simple Wi-Fi module to your Ecocent.



‘Best in class’ components are matched to work perfectly together and ensure excellent performance.

The Stylish Ecocent complements the science behind the technical design.

By using micro-channel heat exchangers wrapped around the water tanks, the COP of the whole Ecocent range is exceptional.

Multiple sensors throughout the storage tank ensure that the control systems have accurate information.

Up to 50mm high-density, high-performance foam insulation material ensures minimal heat loss.

The heat exchangers have a hydrophilic coating to increase efficiency and decrease condensation.

Our intelligent defrost system reduces the number of defrosting cycles dramatically

The optional WiFi module allows you to monitor and control your Ecocent wherever you have access to the www.


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