Revenue can be generated by selling electricity to the EV owner. You set the price and monitor the usage through eoCloud.  £2 profit per day  (charge one car!)  recuperates the cost of the charger in 2 years.

Generate revenue


Using their smartphone drivers can quickly find their nearest available eo, reserve a bay, pay for charge and keep track of their usage.  The eoApp is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Control from your phone


EO’s system monitors the incoming supply to the building and reduces the load of the chargers based on the demand of the building to ensure no overloading. This is really important for sites with multiple chargers.

Active load management




With eo's market leading software, Genius automatically manages multiple chargers. Genius is ideal for car

 park operators with car parks around a city, or hotel chains, business with multiple locations or even a single site multiple charger solutions.

(Available in ABS or metal)


  • An eo or Genius (3.7/7/11/22kW)
  • Installation
  • eoCare Pro
  • eo  Accessories
  • After the lease period, renew your contract and receive a product upgrade to the latest charger!

You only need to charge two cars per day to generate a profit!  Pay one monthly fee. That’s it!


  • All capital and ongoing costs are included
  • eoLease includes 3-5 year eoCare Pro  (our full warranty; providing you with maximum protection)



What does our Lease Package include:


Why lease?



Green Way Chargers cover the home counties of Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northamptonshire from our base in Milton Keynes. We will arrange a free survey at a convenient time to see you.

Green Way eoCARE


At Green Way we pride ourselves on supplying the world’s most reliable EV charge points. However there is always a small possibility something could go wrong. Green Way eoCare protects you against all product faults and includes remote maintenance and rapid response times.

Free 1-year full warranty

2-5 year extended full warranty

Telephone customer support

Remote maintenance

Physical issues resolved within 24 hours

Free Software Updates

*cost varies depending on a number of units, contact us for a full quotation.





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