Why do Solar PV systems need maintenance and what are the potential issues?


To maintain quality control and safety standards, it is important that only qualified personnel work on PV installations.

Safety is at the heart of our process when servicing PV installations as 1,000 Vdc systems are now commonplace in commercial and large-scale installations.

   • Not all installations have appropriate signage, and qualified persons must be trained to recognise potential hazards even when signage

     isn't present.

   • System uptime and availability are one of the main objectives of regular maintenance checks as arrays that are idol can have a dramatic

      negative impact on the ROI of a PV system.

   • Low power production also affects ROI, and owners should have effective strategies for identifying and correcting problems quickly



Green Way Solar Health Check


Do you think that your Solar system may be under performing? Are you worried about shading impacts on the property? Then you require a Green Way Solar Health Check.

Pricing is based on the size of the system

Between 0.5Kw & 2.5Kw is £150

Between 2.5Kw & 4Kw is £180

*Pricing is based on customers located within a 30m radius of Milton Keynes for all other areas call us for more info.



This Health Check Includes:


   • Performing a test of the installation.

   • Ensure roof penetrations are watertight

   • Check modules for excessive soiling from dirt build up or animal droppings.

   • Confirm proper system signage is in place

   • Inspect the inverter making sure it does not show excessive external cracking or signs of wear.

   • Ensure that the module wiring is secure and not resting on the roof, hanging loose and exposed to potential damage.

   • Inspect racking system for any defects including rust, corrosion, sagging and missing or broken clips or bolts.

   • Collecting Inverter readings, make, model and Serial number.

   • Check for wildlife nesting under the solar panel array.

   • Check for potential new shade items such as a satellite dish or trees.

   • Using sun eye shading assessment to calculate new shading impact on the array.

   • Inspect PV modules for visual defects that can appear in the form of burn marks, discoloration, delamination, or broken glass

   • Supplying a full report including photographs when appropriate.



What this visit does not include:


   • Additional time on site to complete any repair work found as a result of our inspection.

   • Additional materials for repair work any repair work found as a result of our inspection.

   • Cleaning of the Array (Can be added to the cost of a Green Way Solar Health Check, ask when booking the service)

   • Removing or replacing faulty inverter



Immersion Controllers


At The Green Way Solar, we believe that utilising your generated energy is as important as actually generating the energy.  Therefore our technicians can fit an immersion controller during our service/maintenance visit for just £295.00 or £350.00 if ordered as a single service. This will direct any unused solar generated electricity to heat your hot water for free without affecting your FIT payments at all.  Just tell us that you are interested when you contact us and we will bring one along with us.


*Pricing is based on customers located within a 30m radius of Milton Keynes for all other areas call us for more info.


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