Integrate battery storage into your photovoltaic system with the peace of mind that your lights will stay on if you have a power cut.  The next generation PV and Hybrid Inverters have all of the features of a hybrid solution and are designed to provide Emergency Power Supply (EPS).*


We have options for automated and manual change over emergency solutions as well as full off grid solutions.  In new build homes, EPS can be designed to power your essential circuits. Lighting, heating, fridges, are ideal for automatic changeover switches. However, in retrofit homes, it is often deemed more sensible to install a manual change over process so that unnecessary circuits and devices can be removed from the load ensuring that owners can rely on their stored energy when they need it.


Unlike other Solar Solutions, a Hybrid solution with EPS can continue to charge the batteries and use direct solar during daylight hours even when there is no grid energy supply.

*Emergency Power supply assumes that the batteries have stored energy at the point of interruption and will last until that energy expires. Emergency Power will have limitations on the capacity of power.


 Key Features

  • Increased Self Consumption
  • Less Reliance on Grid Power
  • Charge Batteries from Grid for Peak-Time usage
  • Compatible with Leading High Voltage Batteries
  • High Efficiency
  • Scalable
  • Protect your Business against power outages
  • Remote control function
  • IP65 Rated
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