Battery / Energy storage solutions reduce electricity bills by enabling homeowners to use more of their solar power, preventing them buying it back from the utility company.


Powervault allows customers with solar panels to save up to 20% on their power bills - and up to 30% if they are also on the Economy 7 tariff.


It is a complete system in a box, and compatible with all solar systems. It requires no extra equipment or significant rewiring of the home, and can be installed by an electrician 1-2 hours.


Reduce your electricity bills: Powervault lowers your electricity bills by enabling you to use more of your free solar energy. Further savings are generated with off-peak electricity tariffs by also storing cheap electricity from the grid.

Improve your energy security: Powervault’s emergency power socket feature is fitted as standard and gives your access to its stored energy during black outs.

Powervault is designed in Britain and assembled in Luton, Beds and is compatible with all solar PV systems without the need to replace the existing inverter.


Support Renewable Energy: Use more of the green energy you generate in your property,  helping yourself and the planet. By using your own solar energy you reduce the UK’s dependence on coal-fired plants by shifting energy demand away from peak times.

Install with ease:  You can retrofit the Powervault to any solar PV system without extensive re-wiring and installation takes < 1hour.

Be the first: Be a pioneer of this market by owning this innovative British product.

2 different battery technologies - Lithium Ion & Lead Acid

4 different storage capacities - 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0 kWh


Second-life, Lithium-ion battery; partnership with Nissan to manufacture the greenest and cheapest energy storage product on the market

Slim-line, Lithium-ion-only Powervault

Waterproofing of existing products to enable outdoor installation

Key Benefits


Easy and efficient to install taking only around 2 hours in most situations.


Most cost effective solution on  the UK


Market Compatible with all UK Solar PV Systems


Can be utilised even without Solar PV - to take advantage of cheaper tariffs

"I am really impressed with my Powervault: it looks great, it took 45 minutes to install, it’s easy to understand and it saves me money on my electricity bills. I also think the company’s customer service is fantastic; their team monitors each Powervault via the internet to ensure they are all running properly. I am now considering installing another Powervault to help me store more of my solar energy.”

Mr. Usher

Customer Testimonials


"I thought the customer service, both pre- and post-sale, was impeccable and I am now looking forward to seeing how much more of my own solar energy I can use once the weather brightens up."

Mr. Price

"The installation of Powervault was very efficient and it didn’t take any time at all to link the system to our solar panels. The Powervault works alongside our air source heat pump and has helped cut our electricity bills by 80% - even with the swimming pool on."

Mr. Quarrington



The Lead Acid option is for customers who want a battery storage solution with a lower startup cost and the opportunity of ‘upgrading’to Lithium-ion batteries when their Lead Acid batteries reach the end of their useful life.


Lithium-ion batteries cost are forecast to fall dramatically over the next five years, allowing Lead Acid customers to start benefiting from a low-cost Energy Storage solution now before replacing the batteries with the latest, lower-cost Lithium-ion technology in 5 –7 years’ time.



  • 50% depth of discharge (DoD)
  • Deep-cycle, gelled acid
  • 12 Volt
  • Sealed, valve-regulated
  • 1,200 cycles (5 – 7 years) Maintenance-free

Lithium-Ion version is for customers who want a product with battery technology that is durable and efficient: the Lithium Ion cells are estimated to last for 17-20 years.



  • 90% depth of discharge (DoD)
  • LiFePO4 chemistry
  • 4,000 cycles (17 – 20 years)
  • Maintenance-free



Powervault connects to the internet either via Ethernet cable or wireless connection. You will be able to log in to an online portal to view the performance of your Powervault. The portal monitor charging, discharging, solar generation and energy usage in your home over time


Registered company: The Green Way Solar Limited


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