Site Visit for repairs or warranty inspections.


Is your inverter indicating a fault code or simply blank and appears to be not working?


Then you require a site visit where our technicians will inspect your solar pv system and determine the fault with a full report.


Included in the price are any manufacturer warranty claims are completed on your behalf providing you with a hassle-free resolution. If the inverter is still covered by the manufacture's warranty, the cost of replacement will be agreed with the manufacturer.


There may be an additional charge for reinstalling the inverter depending on what the inverter manufacturer’s warranty allows, for more information, please call the office.


Site visit price is £150.00


*Pricing is based on customers located within a 30m radius of Milton Keynes contact us for more information.



This site visit includes:


   • Inspecting & recording inverter readings,  including make, model and Serial number.

   • Performing the electrical tests of your installation.

   • Supplying a full report including photographs where required.

   • Submitting a Warranty claim to inverter manufacturer.

   • Supplying a quote for out warranty inverter replacements (quote can only be provided after completing a site visit)



What this visit does not include:


   • Additional time onsite to complete repair work

   • Additional materials for repair work

   • Removing faulty inverter



Is your solar system still under warranty?


The Green Way Solar can provide a full report with photos so that the manufacturer or workmanship warranty provider can decide on future actions with regards to their warranty. Any claims for faults or repairs under warranty are the responsibility of the manufacturer/warranty provider and will be determined by them.


*Quotations for repair work can only be provided after a site assessment has been completed. This ensures that the quote is accurate to the work that needs to be carried out. The cost of the site assessment will be deducted from the quoted price.



Battery Storage


We offer a full range of battery storage option with solutions to both compliment and replace your existing inverter.  When you are considering an upgrade/replacement inverter, it is an ideal time to consider these options. Call us to find out more.

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