Clean Energy Live 2016

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The first week in October took us to the annual Solar Industry Exhibition at the NEC.  There was a very different feel this year with fewer exhibitors and fewer installers visiting.  However, there was a sense of quality, innovation and planning within the hall.

From the ever developing Power Vault and the new in town GMDE Battery Storage and backup power units to the new Intenergy 300W Monocrystalline Module and even the Comwatt Battery-less energy efficiency hub, it was evident to see that clean energy research and development continues to push the industry in the right direction.

So what was new?

Comwatt devices aim at promoting energy savings and self-consumption of solar energy mainly for residential (households having a PV installation ) and businesses. The goal is to consume solar energy when produced.

Key points about Comwatt

•    Comwatt has an installed base of more than 3000 machines installed in France mainly in the residential sector and have won more than 10 Awards in just three years with 60% of the market in France.

•    The Indepbox Power allows up to 70% savings on energy bills when combined with Solar PV installations and consumption optimisation whereas the IndepBox Easy allows up to 20% savings in energy bills through energy efficiency.

Comwatt solutions enable households to double their savings on typical 4kWp installations more than over 25 years - almost half the ROI by increasing self-consumption rate to about 70/ 80% and monitor their system from their fingerprint giving them back visibility.

Powervault are a battery storage company who manufacture their products in Luton, Beds.  The AC coupled storage solutions make the range ideal for both retrofit and new Solar PV installations alike. You could have a storage solution without Solar PV to make the most of cheaper tariffs, a solution that will become more relevant as SMART meters (and future time of use tariffs) role out across the UK.

Powervault's latest developments which will be available on the market in spring 2017 include:

•    It will be available in 2 or 4 kWh sizes 

•    The inverter capacity will increase to a 1.6 kWh inverter. 

•    Reduced dimensions are now just to 750 x 300 x 600mm

Intenergy already produces high-quality, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing modules designed for the UK domestic and commercial Solar PV markets and have now added their new 300W Premium Mono Panel.

Ideal for those domestic properties where roof space is limited this solar pv module really does make a difference and at a very competitive price point when compared to other manufacturers.

With this module the homeowner should be able to have 3.9kWp from just 13 panels for only 10% more cost than a traditional 16 panel 4kWp system, helping to bring costs down for the homeowner while maximising the generation capacity of the roof space.


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Telephone: 01908 915 565
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