Why Do You need to Service Solar Thermal?

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Solar Thermal or Solar heating as it is often called is a minimal maintenance system that provides hot water for consumption in your home by using the sun’s energy. However low maintenance doesn’t mean ‘No Maintenance’, and like your family car and household boiler, a small annual investment will help you to avoid a system breakdown and bigger costs in the future.

Unfortunately, a large portion of new homes fitted with Solar Thermal products leave the occupants without the necessary documentation which leads to a lack of knowledge and an understanding that the systems are ‘maintenance free’. Two to three years later homeowners, tenants and landlords have issues which can become quite costly to resolve.

How can you check if your Solar Thermal System is working?

In short solar thermal works by pumping Glycol or antifreeze between a solar collector (flat panel or tubes) and a hot water cylinder. The solar collector is designed to heat the fluid before it is pumped around a coil within the cylinder radiating the collected heat into the hot water for you to use around your home.

Solar Thermal - Solar Hot water System

Simple checks include;

  • Are the pipes for leaking. Glycol has a strong smell which would normally indicate a leak before you see one.
  • Turn the boiler off and ensure that you still have hot water on warm sunny days.
  • Are the pipes warm when the pump is running on warm, sunny days? (take care as the pipes can be extremely hot).

Professional checks should include:

  • Checking the Glycol Pressure
  • Checking the Glycol volume (should be topped up every two years).
  • Check that the pump or solar controller is working efficiently.

Milton Keynes Solar Thermal Solar Hot Water

The Green Way now offer a local service, maintenance and repair services for Solar Thermal which is designed to ensure that your system continues to provide your free hot water for many years without costing the earth for it to work.


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Telephone: 01908 915 565
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Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk