Solar Panels Don't Work!

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Solar Panels don't work, is something that I often hear from people before they have researched renewable technologies. In this post, I aim to help you to make up your mind as to whether the technology is worthwhile, not only to your household but the environment as a whole.

Solar Panels produce energy during daylight with the aim of fulfilling your daytime energy demand.   A 4kWp Solar array would only power; 1 laptop (90W), 1x Tv (115W), 1 router (10W), 1 Sky box (24W), 3 iPhone chargers (3x2W), 1 iron (550W), 1 Washing Machine (700W), 1 Fridge (35W), 6 room lights (6x60W), 1 tube light (20W) and a kettle (2100W) if they are in use at the same time! 

However as I'm sure you are thinking, it is not very often that you would be using all of those appliances at one time, particularly when the sun is shining.  Hence more and more people now invest in Energy Storage whether through diverting the excess energy to heat hot water or to batteries to store the energy for when it is needed the most.

Solar Immersion Controller by The Green Way Solar


Another option that we have, which reduces the initial outlay, (and the energy generation) is to reduce the size of the solar array so that it matches the base load of your home during the bulk of the day.   This option is becoming increasingly popular now that the financial incentives have been revised and particularly on New-Build homes where scaffolding is pre-erected this option is often adopted.


Since the Feed in Tariff reductions at the beginning of 2016, there has been a noticeable change in both the quantity and quality of Solar installation companies. Fly by night outfits that were out for the fast buck have all but disappeared, leaving fewer Solar PV installers that are often small, local businesses with low overheads, meaning that they are much better placed to provide good customer service and peace of mind that the company is planning for the long term.  The days of aggressive marketing, door canvassers and commission based sales people are long gone. It is also an MCS requirement for installers to provide an insurance backed warranty and deposit insurance to homeowners ensuring that the investment is protected no matter what the future holds for the company.

The Feed In Tariff (FIT)is a not worth it now!

Another statement that I often hear. Unfortunately, our media has hammered this home without explaining the facts and how FIT works;

  • Combined with the Export Tariff, FIT is worth about 6p for every kilowatt hour that the solar panels generate.  
  • A 4kwp system generates 3600-4000 kWh per year in the UK.
  • Most Solar PV arrays still return their capital investment within eight years.
  • Average UK Household Electricity consumption is 4600kwh per year
  • There are no other household appliances that will earn you tax-free money.
  • FIT income is in addition to rising savings caused due to price increases.

This Global Warming malarky is all a load of old rubbish too! 

Global warming isn't something that was dreamed up so that governments can get together every year or so for one big social exercise. Most rational people would agree that Fossil fuels, cannot be an endless supply, and most people understand that if the planet warms, ice melts and eco structures start to disappear.  However, most people also believe that it is a problem that is too big for an individual family to worry about, and it is, but so far in the UK alone there are over 700,000 solar arrays, generating more than 10MWp or 10 million kWh per year.  
DECC domestic combined energy average bills

Average household energy costs in this country are now £1250 per year, have risen by £196 or 18.5% in the last five years (even with a small drop of £45 last year, and we are due to receive a 10% increase in January.


So with all this in mind, what do you think?  

Are Solar Panels Good for the Planet?

Is the Solar Industry a better place to invest now?

Are Utility costs rising too rapidly?

Can you see the benefit of FIT payments?


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