The Green Way Solar and Milton Keynes

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We thought that we should share with you some of the projects and networking that The Green Way Solar are involved in ensuring that we are the Solar Panel Installer of choice for Milton Keynes.

The Green Way Solar are an SME with a growing impact on the renewable environment within our community and as such are involved in various community-based projects and business networking throughout our city.  We network with other SME's regularly to ensure that the renewable message is in business plans at an early stage and actively participate in projects such as MKSmart, Wolverton Community Energy, MK Cape and Transition Mk.  These projects all have different aims with one common goal – to make Milton Keynes the UK's most smart, energy efficient and economically attractive city to live and do business in.

An Overview Of These Projects;


MKSmart is a large collaborative initiative, partly funded by HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England) and led by The Open University, which is developing innovative solutions to support economic growth in Milton Keynes.

Central to the project is the creation of a state-of-the-art ‘MK Data Hub' which supports the acquisition and management of vast amounts of data relevant to city systems from a variety of data sources. These include data about energy and water consumption, transport data, data acquired through satellite technology, social and economic datasets, and crowdsourced data from social media or specialised apps.

Building on the capability provided by the MK Data Hub, the project is innovating in the areas of transport, energy and water management, tackling key demand issues.

Our part in this project started through providing three battery storage solutions to existing Solar PV arrays for Electric Vehicles to charge overnight from renewable energy.

Wolverton Community Energy

Wolverton Community Energy is a registered society, owned and run by its members. The Society work with individuals and businesses in Wolverton and the wider Milton Keynes area to help them become more energy efficient and to reduce the amount of carbon they use. They take a long-term view – with an ultimate aim of taking our community off-grid, with zero carbon use.

They have a strong track record and have already completed some successful projects. We are currently exploring a range of other ways to harness renewable energy sources – from solar PV installations to hydro, and from biomass to LED lighting retrofits.

These projects are funded by offering opportunities to investors who are looking for commercial rates of return but want to make a difference to local communities too.

We continue to work with Wolverton Energy on an advisory basis ensuring that the members are well resourced before making decisions.

MK CAPE, Community Action Platform for Energy

Mk CAPE's project will develop an interactive website designed to assess energy use for individuals, communities and businesses in Milton Keynes.  The project will bring together communities to resolve energy efficiency and generation issues together, harnessing the power of the city's communities to bring large scale energy change at a much more affordable and progressive level than could ever be achieved by lone individuals.  This project works in close cooperation with the data hub from MKSmart to ensure a targeted and efficient campaign will be achieved.

The Green Way Solar are working with MKCape to make sure that the software is fit for purpose and with a view of being a provider of the solutions when the project is launched to the community.

Transition MK

Transition MK has a concept of providing off-grid lighting solutions for Milton Keynes homes. The Aim is to sign up 20 houses to small solar PV and battery storage solutions allowing the homes to power their lighting from the batteries for the majority of the year. The clear question here is "Do you want to keep your lights on during a power cut?"

We take our role in the Milton Keynes community seriously, so do you have a project that you would like advice or support with? Or would you like to find out more about any of these projects? We would love to hear from you with your ideas.

The Green Way Solar would like to thank fellow Milton Keynes SME, Cute Maps for providing the fantastically illustrated MK Map for this blog post.


15 St. John's Street
Newport Pagnell
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Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk

Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk