Battery Storage

In the new age of subsidy free solar we design a bespoke system to suit your needs. We will investigate options to utilise energy storage technology such as battery storage or diverting excess energy to your Electric Vehicle or hot water cylinder in order to maximise the self-consumption of the solar electricity, as every kWh used within your home increases your return on investment and reduces your grid dependency and Carbon Footprint.

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Hybrid Battery Storage

Use it or store it to use later


Use Solar Energy Day & Night


It's all possible with Solar PV Hybrid Inverters. We can install Hybrid Inverters in place of a traditional inverter during an installation or when your current inverter reaches the end of its life.

Reduce your dependence on National Grid electricity even further with intelligent Hybrid storage solutions.

Solar Panels generate energy from daylight while most household's energy demand is at its lowest. Our Hybrid Battery Storage solutions allow you to store that energy until your family need it, saving you more money in the process.

With UK domestic energy prices increasing by an average of 7.2% year on year and, it is important to make the most out of your Solar PV solution.

Hybrid Solar Inverters prioritise using the solar power within the home when it is generated. Any excess electricity is stored in batteries for use later and once the batteries are full the excess is fed back to the grid.

With a growing trend of Utility providers offering Time of Use Tariffs, batteries are becoming even more beneficial, offering owners the opportunity to essentially charge their batteries during cheap supply periods and discharging during expensive periods all year round in order to help with grid balancing and save the owner even more money.


AC Couple Battery Solutions

In addition to hybrid battery storage solutions, we can offer AC coupled systems. These are ideal for installing into properties that already have Solar PV installed, have microinverters installed, where the battery is better positioned in a different location to the Solar PV inverter or even where a rent a roof scheme has been installed. These systems offer very similar benefits to the Hybrid systems with a little more flexibility and are totally independent to the physical Solar PV equipment.


Emergency Power Supply

Integrate battery storage into your photovoltaic system with the peace of mind that your lights will stay on if you have a power cut. The next generation PV and Hybrid Inverters have all of the features of a hybrid solution and are designed to provide Emergency Power Supply (EPS).*

We have options for automated and manual change over emergency solutions as well as full off grid solutions. EPS is an optional extra that can be designed to power your essential circuits. Lighting, fridges and WiFi are ideal for automatic changeover switches.

Unlike other Solar Solutions, a Hybrid solution with EPS can continue to charge the batteries and use direct solar during daylight hours even when there is no grid energy supply.

*Emergency Power supply assumes that the batteries have stored energy at the point of interruption and will last until that energy expires. Emergency Power will have limitations on the capacity of power.

Small to Mid Sized Enterprise
Energy Storage System

Key Features

  • Using the latest LifePO prismatic cell technology
  • Smart EMS for integration of renewables
  • Up to 1C charge and discharge rate
  • 3 Phase 400v Installation
  • Plug & Play Battery Packs, each 9.6 kWh
  • Multi Layer BMS for cell management - can be used to shift peak demand (DUOS) system allowing for greater control and functionality
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Local control via LED screen
  • Scaleable in 64kWh cabinet up to 201.6kWh
  • Available in 30/50/100kW Models
  • IP20 Rated


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Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk

Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk