Solar PV Health Checks

Why do Solar PV systems need maintenance and what are the potential issues?

To maintain quality control and safety standards, it is important that only qualified personnel work on PV installations.

Safety is at the heart of our process when servicing PV installations as 1,000 Vdc systems are now commonplace in commercial and large-scale installations.

Green Way Solar Health Check

Do you think that your Solar system may be under performing? Are you worried about shading impacts on the property? Then you require a Green Way Solar Health Check.

Pricing is based on the size of the system
Between 0.5Kw & 4kWp is £150
Above 4kWp - Contact us for an accurate quotation.

*Pricing is based on customers located within a 30m radius of Milton Keynes for all other areas call us for more info.

This Health Check Includes:

What this visit does not include:


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Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk

Telephone: 01908 915 565
Email: info@thegreenwaysolar.co.uk